Season 5: "Science Friction"

Have you ever contemplated the reasons why some stuff happens and other stuff doesn't? Science. Wondered how that thing became this thang? SCIENCE! Why those, but not them? Oh, that's science baby. Since the time humans mated with monkeys we have been exhaustingly curious of our surroundings and how and why bad stuff happens to us. Science goes a long way in explaining the magical mysteries of our universe. In season 5 we pay homage to the brave men and women scientists who everyday strive to explain the unexplainable, such as why Kate Upton won't be your girlfriend and how that weird growth got on your back.

"Space Lovers"

"Gore Warming"

"Night Driving"

"Scientific Literacy"

"College Experiments"

"The Urabola"

"This Shit is Bananas"

"The DNA Cure"